Collecting a few bits and pieces around mobile payments over the last weeks as follow-up on the 2012 Predictions.

Google Wallet
It just seems that Google wallet is taking some personal (via AllThingsDigital) – Head of Consumer Payments resigning – and functional (via GoogleCommerce) – security concerns about mobile payments – roller-coaster ride early this year.

Barclays mobile transfer service
Today news (via Mobile News) came out about Barclays launching a mobile transfer service, working with a simple application on smartphones. A great first mover advantage, if they can maintain the uptake and integrate other banks and credit cards into the program. Otherwise it will get hard for the consumer to manage all the different applications on the phone. It also seems to be a great thing for merchants selling small items.

Easy payment for everybody – Stripe
I came across Stripe recently – there are probably more companies like it – and was fascinated how easy it seems to setup payment for websites today.

Mobile Payment in Retail
Some interesting summary and opinion in VentureBeat about the uptake of mobile payment in the retail industry.

Follow-up on Predictions: Mobile Payments
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