Interesting interview with Windows Phone chief Andy Lees in the Seattle Times.
“Q: Do you think the iPhone 4S (running on iOS 5) gives you an opening? Do you think they missed an opportunity there?
A: Yes I do. I think, from an end user’s experience on the software, there’s a lot of interesting reviews written comparing us to iOS 5 and the amount that we’ve got done in 11 months — so some people (are) making comparisons of pace.
Perhaps the biggest comparisons people are making is our people-centricity. The more capabilities we add into our phone, the more delightful it becomes to use because you seem to have more at your fingertips without this clutter and confusion of the other platforms.
From a pure hardware perspective, I was surprised they’re not giving the consumer more choice. People want a variety of different things.”


Well the “jam” experiment (actually article called “Choice is Demotivating”) by Sheena Iyengar has proven that customer actually buy more with fewer choices.
This is very much about the fundamental understanding of customers and designing the right experience that Apple is so far ahead of the rest of the players in the mobile environment. More is not always better, actually rarely when it comes to choices.
Windows Phone chief Andy Lees: “Customer want choice” – Not too much!
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